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NEW YORK PHOTOGRAPHY 1 (black and white gallery)

United Nations Chrysler Building II

United Nations Chrysler Building II

Media: Digital Infrared Keywords: Landmark, United Nations, Horizontal, Photographed with modified infrared camera and treated with HDR software. This was taken from…

Skyline Empire State Building Vertical

Looking south from Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center). Empire…

Manhattan Bridge (DUMBO New York)

Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. The Empire State Building…

Under West Side Highway

Arch within arch within arch. Takes you off to infinity.…

NEW YORK PHOTOS (b&w Gallery 2)

59th Street Carriage Horses

59th Street Carriage Horses

2010. 59th street, looking south. Media: Digital Keywords: Landmark,horizontal,

Kingsbridge Armory Bronx

With the number 4 train heading into the IRT station…

Morris-Jumel Mansion Game Room

The oldest standing house in New York.

Grand Central And Chrysler Building 3

Just before dawn. Summer 2005. Some very pleasing grain in…

CENTRAL PARK PHOTOS (black and white gallery)

Infrared Willows, Central Park

Infrared Willows, Central Park

2008. Central Park Lake. San Remo towers in background. In 2008 I began to shoot with digital infrared. This was done with…

Walkway in Fog Schurz Park

Carl Schurz Park, (Upper East Side) on a foggy day.…

Poets Walk Winter

This was done in December, 2004. Same location as "Poet's…

Turtle Pond Smoke (4th of July)

This is Turtle Pond in Central Park. It looks like…


Carl Schurz Park Overview (Giga Color)

This is a giga file - made up of many…

The Poets Walk Compass (infrared film)

From black and white infrared film with interpretation of colors…

Pathway Central Park Night East

Entrance from Fifth Avenue and 84th street (I think).


Triboro Bridge Sunset

Triboro Bridge Sunset

Triborough Bridge East River - with Roosevelt Island. Maybe a little bit over the top but I look at this print quite…

Central Park Southwest (Color Giga)

30 images - stitched together! Giga sizes are possible.

Cleopatras Needle Central Park (square)

Created with about 12 images stitched together and run through…

Reservoir Sunset Orange

Media: Digital, paintography, Keywords: Horizontal, That’s the West Side of…


Central Park South West (and pricing example)

Central Park South West (and pricing example)

This post gives an example of print-by-the-foot and what the prices will be for extra large prints. Prints can be done a…

East River Night and Fog

18,425 pixels x 7901 pixels, 29 images stitched together. Pricing…

New York Through The Sphere

Actual Pixel Size: 15,339 px x 9,358 px @ 300…

Poets Walk Through Pano

31,097 pixels x 7636 pixels (180 degrees)


The Fashion Police

The Fashion Police

Only took about 20 years to come up with an obvious title for this Medium Format film shot.

A Taste of Snow

We only had one decent snow storm in 2008 and…

Chess by Moonlight (Schurz Park)

Just walking around in the playground in Karl Schurz Park…

Couple Crossing Fifth Avenue

Candid street photography on Fifth Avenue.


Dog in Window Blinds

Dog in Window Blinds

2009. Snap, and then a lot of barking. Thankfully, protected by the window screen, and the dog knows me since I almost…

Chess Table in Rain

We make our lines in the sand and organize the…

Three Leaves

Do you know the Riddle of the Sphinx? What walks…

Become Your Dream De La Vega

110th Street & Fifth Avenue. 2003? It's an early work…

PARIS PHOTOS (Black and White)

Twin Tunnels – Paris

Twin Tunnels – Paris

Very early morning. The floors had just been waxed. I had my trusty Rollei TLR (twin lens reflex) with me. -- Yes,…

Jardin de Medicis

Media: 35mm Film Keywords: Horizontal, Paris

Head and Church – Paris

Media: Medium Format Film Keywords: Landmark, Horizontal,

Subway Station Ironworks

Media: 35mm b&w film Keywords: Horizontal, I don’t believe we…

More Pictures

Montauk Patterns

Montauk was the place I'd visit when I could get away. Usually in the off-season when it was cheaper. Here I'm just standing in the surf and photographing the patterns of water on the sand. (film)

Fingers of Cab Driver (color)

For A. who asked for a copy a few years ago and I forgot all about it.

Eagle Grand Central Station in Snow

Eagle in snow - Grand Central Station

Soldiers Sailors Monument

keywords: vertical, color, landmark