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300 Prints for Hilton Millenium Hotel NYC

300 Prints for Hilton Millenium Hotel NYC

300 prints were used in the Hilton Millennium Hotel, Wall Street. I never did get a good shot of the rooms. This…

16 Images for Sloan-Kettering Calendar

16 images were licensed for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Calendar (2015).

From Bronx Installation

a few from a recent installation.

Kips Bay Designer House

The Kips Bay Designer House is an annual event for…

CENTRAL PARK PHOTOS (black and white gallery)

Poets Walk Winter

This was done in December, 2004. Same location as "Poet's…

Wollman Rink Central Park

Skating Rink, Central Park, Night. This photo won FIRST PRIZE…

Poets Walk Infrared Central Park

Poets Walk, Central Park (Infrared)


Light River and River (color)

Light River and River (color)

Media: Digital Keywords: Horizontal, FDR highway and East River – looking towards 59th street Bridge from 80th street overpass.

Roosevelt Island in Fog (color)

Media: Digital Keywords: Horizontal, Impressionist treatment of Roosevelt Island at…

Super Moon and Triboro Bridge (color)

Looking at Super Moon Sept. 8, 2014 combined with photograph…

Grand Central Station Passage (composite color)

This is a "pano" composite image of 21 images stitched…

NEW YORK PHOTOGRAPHY 1 (black and white gallery)

42nd Street Rain Pershing Place

2005. Photographed from the Pershing overpass, looking west. Media: 35mm…

The Statue of Liberty

2009. Silhouette - Statue of Liberty (infrared, photographed from tour…

Brooklyn Bridge Photo Infrared

Brooklyn Bridge, Summer of 2007.   This was photographed with…

NEW YORK PHOTOS (b&w Gallery 2)

Paradise Movie Theater Clock Bronx

Paradise Movie Theater Clock Bronx

As I was standing across the Concourse, which is a wide boulevard, getting ready to take a picture of the Paradise Theatre,…

Brooklyn Bridge and Willows

2008. From the park near the Brooklyn Bridge. Infrared film…

Become Your Dream De La Vega

110th Street & Fifth Avenue. 2003? It's an early work…

Night Storm Schurz Park New York

After Poet’s Walk this is the next best selling print…

PARIS PHOTOS (Black and White)

View From Ieffel Tower

View From Ieffel Tower

Stunning view of the Palais de Chaillot in the Trocadéro, within the 16th arrondissement, across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower.

Twin Tunnels – Paris

Very early morning. The floors had just been waxed. I…

Jardin de Medicis

Media: 35mm Film Keywords: Horizontal, Paris

Head and Church – Paris

Media: Medium Format Film Keywords: Horizontal,


A Taste of Snow

A Taste of Snow

We only had one decent snow storm in 2008 and I ran out like a kid to photograph it. Somewhere around 86th…

Couple in Rain

I was caught in a downpour on the upper east…

Embrace on Seine, Paris

Very easy to find affection in Paris. In one day,…

Man and Shadow

A man and his shadow, and the glint of sun…

More Pictures

Grand Central And Chrysler Building 3

Just before dawn. Summer 2005. Some very pleasing grain in this shot which looks like it might have been done in 1940. Arc of Grand Central Station in foreground; Chrysler building background. Grand Central Station is an historic point of interest in New York, as of course is the Chrysler building. Unfortunately, as far as…

New York Subway Turnstiles

Should call this one, ‘Ghosts’. One of a series of blurred experiments with people rushing through turnstyles. I was trying to get the shutter speed at exactly the right point to blur, but still have recognizable faces. It’s also interesting to me to notice how feet are rendered. The foot which is planted to move…

Statue Of Liberty (Full Length Photo)

Fairly unusual shot as it was infrared from the Circle Line. I wonder if the Statue of Liberty has been photographed with infrared before. What it tends to do is accent the way the statue is put together and the torch light is brighter than normal.