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Posted on Dec 22, 2010 in Articles About Photography

For long time readers of this blog, you’re familiar with the wit and humor that Lester brings to this blog.  One of my own dreams for him was that he’d find a way to channel all that into some form that people could pick up and read or listen to.  Having known him since we were in our 20′s, and having worked with him on at least one doomed screenplay, I can tell you that this is a real talent, though I have to admit that I’m just about to order The 11th Man (a novel) which is the form his persona has taken.

Yes.  For the first time, he’s written a novel, called The 11th Man.  He tells me that it is partly based on my life, and that may be true since the main character is a photographer.

So without adieu, here’s the book, and you’ll be able to preview the first chapter as well.


  1. nantz
    December 22, 2010

    Great title and great shot on the cover!

  2. dave
    December 22, 2010

    Andy, this is why I like a big company like Lulu — here’s an example of an embedded flash widget of your book.

    P.S. Are you planning a paperback version.

  3. Lester
    December 22, 2010

    Embedded flash widget? I thought it was a message from another dimension. Can I put that on my hat and walk around with it? If I were a potential customer, I’d be afraid to press that thing for fear that money would automatically be deducted from my bank account before I even made a final decision.

    The hard cover is pricy at $25, but it’s the cheapest hard cover they sell. Their cost is $19 per book to accomodate their profit, and I only get $6. I have to look into the profit margin for the soft cover version.

    I also have two literary agents actually reading the original manuscript right now and two more that haven’t responded yet, so there is a chance that eventually it could get picked up by a different publisher. They say China seems to be a growing market for publishing, but I don’t know how flattered I’d be if my book was a best seller in a country where people generally don’t speak English.

    The great Matt Weber provided the photo for the cover. Some of the action in the book takes place in a Coney Island-like setting, so I browsed through Matt’s Coney Island site, which has some of his best photos. As soon as I saw this photo, I knew it was perfect for the book. I can’t give away the reason why the subject of the photo is so appropropriate, or I’d spoil the book for potential buyers, but the mysterious silhouettes and the stark lighting give off that film noir aura that so many great detective stories have.

    The title is something Dave and I came up with when we started working on this story about five or six years ago. It was originally meant to be a mixed media thing, combining Dave’s photos and my writing. The problem was trying to tell a story based on Dave’s pre-existing photos. Then a couple of months ago, I was reading a book by a famous woman physicist, Lisa Randall, about the possibility of extra dimensions being used to come up with a theory that united quantum mechanics with relativity. That revived my interest in our old project and I realized that I should try to retell The 11th Man without the constraints of photos. Though the new version of the story is quite different from the original, without Dave, this book would have never happened. Dave is also the inspiration for the main character in the book, the photographer who goes missing, and though I borrowed some of Dave’s attributes, my character is a fictional composite of many people I know, including myself.

    I’m not quite ready yet to write the sequel to the book, but I did leave the ending open to that possibility. I’d rather work on a screenplay version of The 11th Man first because I think it would make a great indy-type film. Of course, if James Cameron wants to set the story on another planet and make the characters blue, I wouldn’t object. Okay kids, send $24.99 to Count Floyd and get your genuine 3-D glasses.

  4. Phill
    December 22, 2010

    Congratulations Lester, well done.

    I think this ability to self publish is one of the great advantages of the internet age. A friend published a book last year on street photography and whilst it was okay to read as a PDF printout, the real book I bought from Lulu was vastly better.

    I hope this goes well for you Lester


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