Buddy on Mirror

Posted on Dec 13, 2010 in The Photography

On my way back from my daily trip to Fedex, I found a large circular mirror.  I almost never pick up stuff from the street, but it was in good condition, and it was sturdy and seemed like a good prop to have around.  If nothing else, it could be used as a powerful reflector.  As I was cleaning it – Buddy made his way onto it and so this shot.

I only have one more print to do, and some packaging – so I may wind up the whole Christmas thing tomorrow if I’m lucky.  I am sort of hungry to go back out and again and find something to shoot.

Photo of Buddy on Mirror : the photography

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  1. Lester
    December 14, 2010

    It’s a good thing that cats aren’t vain because they’re insufferable enough already. They have very little patience with the shortcomings of their owners and they are so insistent on their own needs, that its easy to mistake their meows and purrs for love.

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