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Posted on Feb 26, 2012 in Articles About Photography

I appreciate that the move to G+ was annoying to a lot of regular readers – some who have been reading this blog in one form or another for years.  I also admit that I’m still not sure what the difference is to the reader / viewer between something I post on G+ or in my own blog.  Did my writing style change?  Uhm… okay, maybe a little.

No, I think the difference is the sense of community being so WAY WAY different in the two venues.  I think that I stumbled over the explanation just now when I used the word venue.

The personal blog, remains just that – personal.  It’s like a tiny hole-in-the-wall blues club.  You see the same people over and over.  It’s funny, because really what makes the difference is not what I write or post – but the sense of the smaller circle that hang out here.

Posting on G+ can garner hundreds of responses.  As a content producer, there’s the incentive to post to everyone you can.  You have a popularity meter on the left side and if you can turn that popularity into another fiscal stream – or if you might show a potential customer that you are liked by so many people that your art must be good.  It’s a big loop that feeds on itself and you don’t just jump out of it when you are working to market yourself.

Someone asked me once whether I would post and push with the social network thing if I didn’t think there was some potential to use it to support myself.  Answer – and I think you’d be surprised by this – but if I didn’t need the money – I’d have a very different blog, probably not even about photography.

If I didn’t need the money, I might not even sell my photographs at all.

And the proof of that – is that for the first five or six years when I was producing some of my best work – Poets Walk, Night Storm etc. I didn’t even show them to friends and kept them in boxes.    If a lump of money came my way now – I think I’d do a photographic project – and then spend the time to create a fine art book with writing and hopefully good images.  Not an ebook.  Not a Print On Demand book.  But I’d probably drop off the internet map for a while, maybe six months, and do my writing in private which is an entirely different thing than writing daily posts like this.

So money – or the lack of it – is behind many of the moves that I’ve made.

At any rate, I do notice that I have a sense of writing more honestly and openly in my own blog – but why that should be… maybe because it’s easier to communicate with you in the small blues club than in the cavernous Madison Square Garden.

* * *

Feb. 28th

I’ve just made a pretty dramatic change to my G+ settings: you will need to be in one of my circles in order to comment.  That seems to be necessary to control what seem to me to be way too many inane comments.  Yes – inane.

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  1. Bill Mitchell
    February 26, 2012

    Nice to see you back (I hope). After following you since before you first started blogging, I sort of lost you a couple of years ago when you kept changing from one place to another, and finally gave up except for an occasional peek at the location on my “favorites” ikon.
    You still do good work.

  2. JPH
    February 26, 2012

    I didn’t find it annoying at all… just you doing what you felt you needed to do to help keep a roof over your head, and a kitty fed. :-)

    Also, of course you write differently here than you would/do on G+! Because on G+, you have to write to people who have an attention span of a headline and that’s it!

    That’s why I am proudly no longer a part of either Facebook or G+, because how is it humanly possible to keep up, and track, with half a billion friends / circle people! When I was on either, and saw someone who had a post that was over a paragraph or so, I think I would honestly let out an exhaustive sound, and pretty much dismiss whatever it was. Who has time for that? Who has the time, to sit and thoughtfully read something from someone, when there is a half billion other friends / circle people doing the exact same thing to get to, to go to politely mingle with? Not anyone who has a life.

    That’s why those social site things just aren’t a good fit for me, and just don’t get them. I know they’re a good source for networking, and getting one’s name out, and in hopes of drawing attention to one’s endeavors, in hopes of them doing a little more with, business wise and the like, blah, blah, blah… but even then, I don’t think the end justifies the means… or, the quantity doesn’t justify the quality… (did that make sense? Probably not)

    Today, indirectly, I will be gladly participating in B&H sending you another cut of $25 – $50, from me using that link to your left here, to pick up a few last lighting things. And I will be doing so, because of gratitude for what I have found, and attain from you, and your content, on here. Because here, is where you have graciously, and kindly invited us into your home. G+, is just like a guy with a sandwich board on a New York City street, calling out a ‘hello’, and/or trying to get the attention of the hordes hastening by during perpetual rush hour.

    You do what you gotta. I’ll know that more firsthand come this Summer, where, honest to goodness, an actual viable alternative and option being tossed around, is me living out of my car with my photo gear, with my own sign saying “will photograph for food”! :-)

    Ah, it’s good that we can laugh in times like these! :-)

    Any, or either way, you just be you, do what you do, however you have to do it, I, for one, will understand :-)

    All the best to you.

  3. dave
    February 26, 2012

    Oh I do like the sandwich board analogy. And anyone that knows me knows that networking has never been my forte.
    So you can imagine how strange it was for a perfectly solitary artist type to discover that he was in thousands of circlers circles. Odd where is it going?
    I’ll keep up both but g plus will be for my quick image posts and the blog for longer or more personal stuff.
    PS Pictures for food. That phrase did not escape me.

  4. Markus Hartel
    February 28, 2012

    g+ was messy to begin with and people’s attention span is that of a fruit fly. the impact on traffic outwards g+ equals zero, as everything is way too watered down by the fluctuating timeline.

    I just came across an interesting article on g+

    glad you’re back home and I’m looking forward to your next adventure…

  5. dave
    February 28, 2012

    What is the attention span of a fruit fly? I have read that it is higher than that of the … oh… what was I going to say… ?

    It’s good to be back home. I can’t throw away what I’ve built up over there… but the idea that it will be throwing a lot of traffic here… I don’t think so.

    On the other hand, it is interesting because it is incorporated into Google Search. So it is important to have presence there. Also – it is so early in it’s development that I give them two plus years to get it together.

    Truth is – I’m much more comfortable writing in my own world here because a) I can control just about everything about it and b) see a.

  6. Larry
    February 29, 2012

    welcome home!!!

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