Coney Island Boardwalk, Version 2

#infraredpaintingdlb Infrared mixed with HDR, NIK Software and the usual ingredients of imagination, cigars, and curiosity. #paintitsaturday

Photo of Coney Island Boardwalk, Version 2 : the photography

Coney Island Boardwalk, or walk of boards.

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  • Jaretto Mars

    esta padre esta!!

  • carlos henrique


  • Valeriy Makh

    нафта з неба?

  • Tppdewimadri Dewimadri

    basa bali anggen

  • claudia Duarte

    beautiful!! ^^

  • Ndaru Kusuma

    nice pic

  • salah mimi

    nicee …

  • Atika Darsih

    apik..e rek.. bagus banget… fenomenal..

  • Sherry McBriar

    Wonderful, I can almost feel the heat

  • Terry Sweeney

    Dave gotta try some more the usual … Like cigars!

  • Valerie Spain

    I use to live near Coney Island.. When I was young C.I. was the bomb now I haven't been there in years. crazy

  • Jihae Jung

    nice color..

  • Sharmin Naz

    opsss beautiful

  • アンパン太郎