Montauk Dunes (color)

Posted on Feb 27, 2012 in The Photography

From a medium format b&w shot.  Color is added, but we’ll see…but I think it was a waste of effort.  One of those days you know.  I had a toothache for a good part of the day and then the few things that I tried to get done – nothing wanted to get done.  It’s rare that I have days like this where I look back and can’t point to a single thing that was accomplished.  I’m going to curl up in bed and read a Sherlock Holmes story that I’ve already read at least ten times.  I need that to put me to sleep.

I’ve wanted to get a Nook or a decent reader but haven’t been able to afford anything extra lately.  I’ve even given up cigars in favor of pipe tobacco.  And there are a couple of good sized checks that are supposed to come in shortly but until they do – it’s been lean times.  So I’ll just grumble awhile and wait to see what the world looks like tomorrow.

I put up what I thought was a simple tip on G+ about the Reciprocal Shutter Speed to Lens Length rule but I’m not sure if the point is coming across for the audience it was meant for – the starting photographer.  Tomorrow I’m going to put up a tip about the Sunny 16 rule.  I wonder if I can state that in such a way that beginners can get some use from it.  I wonder if I was meant for social networking.

In real life – the answer to that is a definite no.

In virtual life – the jury is still out on that.


Photo of Montauk Dunes (color) : the photography

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