More Notes About the $3.95 Sale

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Besides the fact that I’ve kept the price at $3.95, a bunch of other fascinating things have happened.  I kept the price low because I was still getting orders and when I raised the price back to $14.95 (which was already lower than I had sold them for) I would get people asking about the price increase and wanting to order at the lower price.

I’ve had about 300 downloads since the “sale” began.

So all of that is great.  And with all that I’ve only had three issues:

1) There were a few images where I forgot to add the digital download function.  I know this because I was asked about it by a customer and once I added the function those other images were downloaded.

2) Two people didn’t get the link mailed to them – or at least they couldn’t find the link.  Turns out that they used an old email address for paypal purchase and that’s where the secret link is sent.  I could see that at once and let them know and that solved the problem.

3) One email went to the spam folder.  I think this is a pretty common issue since you are essentially sending out an email with not that much text and one link.  That’s often the sign of spam.

4) I put up an older high resolution file for one image (sorry Jim) and it doesn’t match what’s on the screen.  I’ll fix that today.

But all of that is very fixable.  What was much more interesting – was that the street shots that had NEVER SOLD as prints – sold very well for this price.  Which means that I can expand my street photography section (which is where I believe I’ve done the best work) and people will purchase these street scenes at $3.95.  That was fantastic.

On top of that – I was asked to put up shots that I’ve only shown either through Social Media, or in the Blog and people wanted to know where to find them in the store. I have so many street shots that I never posted because after over a decade of trying to sell what I thought were some of my best shots – they just never sold and here – years after the images had been posted – people were asking for them. Incredible. So it was just the price after all.

I’ve written before about how difficult it’s been to sell street photography compared to what I’d call Living Room art – and this may very well be the answer.  Prices could vary depending on the gallery!  Maybe street photography remains at a low price and the Living Room downloads are higher.

This is why the venture is a big experiment.  The idea of selling the work in galleries at different prices – well it’s late right now and maybe I’m going off down a sleepy road that doesn’t make sense.  But before I turn in – for street photographers who’ve had the same problem – think about the idea of dispensing with your egos (yikes) and imagine that you are a micro stock agency and that your greatest work sells as a download for 4 bucks but you sell a thousand of ‘em.  Ciao for now.  But I can sleep easy – as these small payments continue to arrive.

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