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And now another experiment and probably the last selling experiment on G+. You can download a huge file of Poets Walk for only $8. How long this will last, I don't know. I suspect that whatever attention it gets will only last a day or so and then I'll up the price to something normal.

Here's the link to make the purchase and read about the image:

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Poets Walk, Central Park

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  • Mélusine TAUZIN

    Cold and wonderful landscape.

  • luis gomes


  • Bill Thruman

    This is a great image and I do have this printed and framed 8×10 very nice indeed

  • Kenny Mullen

    Beautiful photo Dave!

  • Brooklyn Layevska

    The photo is very interesting, is very good thanks for sharing.

  • Angelo Tixi

    uuuffff tremenda foto

  • dilek kubilay


  • Srinivas Chavan

    Cold and wonderful landscape.hermoso.This is a great image and I do have this printed and framed 8×10 very nice indeed.The photo is very interesting, is very good thanks for sharing.uuuffff tremenda foto. it's really true

  • Eka Astaria

    nice picture ..

  • virat kumar

    waaaaooooooooooooooo amazing………….

  • Arun Bector

    really awesome..

  • Christine McNulty

    Gorgeous light reflection!

  • Jaymie Pierce


  • vanessa reichert

    very beautiful

  • gabriela Eira

    wow it´s funny…i keep on having this dream over and over and in that dream it takes a place just like this photo does….amazing…love it

  • Valentine Clive

    I love the graphics and the contrast of the pic…

  • Stephen Rodgers

    my dad has a list of every movie he sees with the world trade center in it. I'd like to make a list of every movie this part of the park is in.

  • Kevin Becker


  • Pablo Falcon

    It's so beautifull!!!

  • Amy Black


  • Nicolas Hurez Photography

    great shot !

  • Darakhshan Nasr


  • Andy Vann

    Absolutely stunning.

  • Mariya Jimenez

    Wow this picture really portays the beauty of the cold winter

  • Lindsay Wescott

    wow this is so visually stunning!

  • Kristen Ward

    this is a beautiful pic :)

  • Lynn Catterall

    cool love it..x

  • Joshua Mann

    I would be afraid to walk throught there, but it's a really cool picture none the less.

  • edc Utah

    It's beautiful

  • Suzanne Cooper

    wow i have been there

  • Victor Jones

    Nice photo

  • marcelo pissano

    no puedo dejar de mirarla ,,,¡¡¡¡ .

  • Jenna Goodgion

    cute picture to put in my room

  • Larry Monserate Piojo

    BEAUTIFUL, Dave!

  • Andrey Bastrikov

    very beautifully!splendid

  • Anna Perdomo

    +Dave Beckerman – Your body of work is beautiful. My family and I love NYC, we spend a lot time at Central Park in the warmer months. Thank you for showing me NYC (especially Central Park) in a new light. :)

  • Rafael Jagger

    Beautiful work

  • Ana María Rodrigues

    "Camino al infinito"…hermosa fotografía