Second Avenue Subway Eats Building

Posted on Mar 7, 2012 in The Photography

Photo of Second Avenue Subway Eats Building : the photography

The subway that ate another apartment building.  As you can see, the building that once housed Gothic Cabinet (where I first met Paul Lomax) has been eaten by the Second Avenue Subway.  It wasn’t a big surprise since the building was shrinking every day.  What will go there?  I am told it will be some ventilation system for the subway stop which will be on 83rd street on the west side of street.

I’m not against progress – but it does seem to come with a cost.  The old lady and her husband who had lived in the building to the left of the now disappeared building had lived there since World War II and it was rent controlled.  In other words, they were paying about $450 for a four room apartment on the upper east side.  The city was going to give them some support to make a move – but the last I heard they were moving in with their daughter in Queens until they could figure out what to do.

To people who just see New York as this big monster city – after you’ve lived here for a while you realize that it isn’t.  I’m not the most outgoing person, but I still manage to know the guy in the Bodega where I get a doughnut or egg sandwich (just off to the right a bit) and most of the people in my building, and some in the building next to mine.

The city, even the upper east side, is a bunch of small neighborhoods that span maybe three blocks in all directions.

And even such a little thing as a subway station is very annoying.  Once a week someone cuts either: my cable, my water, or my electric.  When that happens, you walk downstairs and meet your neighbors who are on their cells and someone is usually trying to talk to one of the workmen who always denies that they did anything.

In order to take down a building, and dig dig dig – there are staging areas all over the place.

And after six months where people were nearly being struck by traffic every day – I finally came down stairs and they had installed a stop sign and two nice bright yellow stop lines in the middle of the block.

But at night, it is fun to come downstairs and take pictures of the earth moving machinery.  I have that at least.

Photo of Second Avenue Subway Eats Building : the photography

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