Posted on Mar 12, 2012 in The Photography

Yes it’s true.  I’m taking another stab at the download business.  Which is to say that I’ve gone through every single file, made sure it was as large as possible, and now that the download system through Digishop has proved itself for mass downloads, I’ve gone into the Steve Jobs pricing territory.  You know what I mean – high resolution images for the price of an app.

Of course those Apple guys have a few billion downloads – but I’m thinking that if I get a hundred downloads that would be great.  So I’ve gone to what would have seemed absolutely crazy to me a few years ago and am practically giving away the high resolution files for $3.95

You can find the download by scrolling down to bottom of any image in the store.

Now – if I don’t get a bunch of downloads at this price will I go lower?  Higher?  What other variables are there? Time limit?

I’ve also used my new email list to advise people of the sale. And oh – one or two other places to announce it like – uhm – facebook.  I put it up on G+.

Now I’ve got to go back to printing because I am still behind and people are kindly wondering when prints will go out.  Who knows – if RedBubble worked (for example) they’d do all the printing and prints would be cheap… and I would have my digital download thing going day and night… and I could go back to taking pictures which is the ultimate goal of all this marketing.

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