True Grit (New Yorkers)

Posted on Dec 27, 2010 in Photo News

Quite the storm.  Everywhere you looked there were cars spinning out of control.  Doesn’t anyone listen when they tell you not to take the car out?  Whatever.  We’re New Yorkers.  And so with my side aching (okay Bruce not that badly) I made it out for two separate trips into the blizzard.  It was great because all I wanted these last few months was a chance to do more HDR work.

And I had a great chance today since there were so many wide dynamic scenes.

Of course, I had to stop into Starbucks, and did this with camera on tripod (three shots).  People are the most difficult to shoot for HDR because whether they realize it or not – some part of them is always twitching.  If I decide that I like this picture enough to work on, I’ll have to do some cloning to get the hands right.  You don’t get a blur with HDR (at least I don’t) but sort of neon lines where the program isn’t exactly sure how to combine things.

I shot a lot, the second time out, and came back satisfied that I was feeling better.

The side streets haven’t all been plowed yet.

Photo of True Grit (New Yorkers) : photo news

Photo of True Grit (New Yorkers) : photo news

Photo of True Grit (New Yorkers) : photo news

And I admit that the original True Grit with John Wayne was one of my favorite older Wayne movies with the exception of the insane casting of Glen Campbell.  I was happy to hear that the Cohen bros. did it over with Jeff Bridges.  Looks like a lot of fun if you like westerns (which I do).  And no compromises.  Dialogue straight from the book (which is a great yarn for sure).  A classic along the lines of Shane (both told from the kid’s point of view).

Photo of True Grit (New Yorkers) : photo news


  1. Judith Furedi
    December 27, 2010

    Awesome, Dave! The streets really are a mess! You captured it!
    Which Starbucks is this? It looks familiar.


  2. ken reither
    December 27, 2010

    What a freakin mess. Reminds me of my old days in Minneapolis. Great shot, Mr. Beckerman.

  3. Joseph
    December 27, 2010

    excellent images

    confirming the saying:
    “the best pictures are taken in the worst weather”

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